high school songs

by ernest street house

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ESH, the sound of existentialist, queer, 8-bit influenced pop with emo delivery. Each track serves as an anecdote, a somewhat reactionary to another event - homophobia, youthful apathy, growing up in a religious setting, an ex-lover doing better than you post-relationship, wanting to fit in, the pressure of being expected of by elders. The delivery is fast, and the emotions are honest, but the entire sound is a concise, and yet detailed musical diary of a young man, trying to find enough energy to make it through the day.


released June 9, 2014

All songs written by Noah Duggen, 2013.
Cassette released by Cheesus crust Records, 2014



Track Name: balloon
i tried to be just like you
i cut my hair and changed the way i spoke
grew a beard and bought new clothes went to all the hardcore shows
i broke up with my boyfriend because my parents didn't approve of him
they grounded me and took away my cell phone i couldn't wait to live all on my own

i need to get away from here soon i want to fly in a big hot air balloon and get so high that all the people on land look like ants and i could squish them in my hands
Track Name: hoodie
you tried to steal my hoodie
i lied and said i'm doing fine
you're off in san francisco it's not your fault i'll say "it's mine"

i'll apologize try not to cry when i say goodbye i see it in your eyes you're doing fine
Track Name: sixteen
i'm wasting my life alone in my room i'm drinking coffee and i'm thinking of you
i'm watching reruns of modern family and i'm wondering why i don't feel like me

so who am i? and where am i? and how am i? and why am i?

should probably get a job and i should probably get a car and i should probably get an education maybe that will get me far

so who am i? and where am i? and how am i? and why am i?
Track Name: faggot
i found the note you wrote me in middle school and i threw it out we haven't talked since you were 18 and i'm not complaining

remember we used to go to church on wednesdays
i found out that's not the place for me you thought that's where you want to be
youth group made me hate myself i didn't want to go to hell i wasn't feeling well

i don't care anymore you're a bore and "i'm a faggot"
Track Name: plans
what are you gonna do after high school? what are you gonna do after college?
what are you gonna do after high school?

nope / won't work out / you're such a fool

all of your friends have plans and you're not in them